Project conceptor at ISSADESIGN

It's live from our new offices on Ann Street 3 km from our old workplace that I write these few lines. Change is everywhere. It is this theme that inspires me when I try to organize my new workstation or when we are looking for a new way to organize our new material library. Change particularly affects us, the designers, since it takes a big place in our work.

The change is to move from one state to another. In design, mainly during corporate projects, the change is reflected in the application of the new design concept in the occupants' work environment. As this change provokes various reactions depending on its degree and the ability of employees to adapt, the designer remains at the heart of its management.

How does design organize change when planning a new workspace ?

In the ISSADESIGN team, when I explain my view of change, I realize that my colleagues experience the same thing every day. I note that the different stages of success of change management are the same as those related to the design of a space.


First, as soon as the needs are met, we establish, between ourselves and our client, a complicity that allows us to know the main objective behind the desired change. As a result, the values ​​and organization of the company are better understood.


During the ideation and design stage, needs analysis is our priority. A good understanding of the current context and the needs of the customer allows us not only to optimize the quality of our service, but to better plan the changes caused by the new design concept.


Finally, it is through a good structure that eliminates the unexpected and allows the company to better appropriate its new work environment. Design allows us to plan spatial transformations. It helps us better plan the environment according to the customer's needs by organizing the changes in stages. Design is used to optimize planning to minimize the negative impacts of stress or fear of change.

It was during the design of the new Sunset Consulting offices that ISSADESIGN used its environmental design expertise to increase the positive reactions of the employees of the company to the change of their workplace. To do this, ISSADESIGN accompanied the customer throughout the design process.


ISSADESIGN met the company's employees around the conference table to explain the idea of ​​the mural in the reception. With the employees, we had a very quick brainstorm that aimed to express the first words that came to mind that made them think of the company. This instinctive and collaborative exercise has allowed employees to spark laughter and cultivate a greater sense of belonging to their future workplace.


The aesthetic concept of the space punctuated with orange takes again the colors of their image of brand and represents the dynamism of these engineers overflowing with energy. The complicity between the client and our team allowed us to make the best decisions related to the new layout and the aesthetic concept so that the employees feel well supervised and positively consider this change.


When planning the space, we organized a shopping outing with our client to choose the type of furniture that best suits the needs of the company. Supported by our collaborators, we were able to find quality ergonomic items. We made informed choices that correspond to the needs of the client: ottoman, adjustable height table, comfortable lounge area, conference table and customer area ... all with a touch of orange inspired sunset!

This is how design has been at the heart of the change in the design of the new Sunset Consulting offices.