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The majority of us live in places of rather modest size that disproportionate. In apartment or townhouse, we all try to make our living space profitable in order to create comfort despite the limits imposed by the square feet granted. It goes without saying with the companies and their workspace. Commercial, corporate, institutional (and more) circles, raise the need to make profitable its square feet without constraining, or even improving, the well-being of users as well as productivity.

Looking back over the last few decades, it is easy to see that office environments have changed with the evolution of technology and the rising cost of rented square feet. This last finding greatly forces employers to want to maximize the square foot. "After salaries, real estate costs are the second largest budget item for 95% of companies" 1. Added to this is the arrival of new generations of employees who challenge existing work patterns and tend to revisit ways of interacting with colleagues and ways of working. In other words, workstations no longer need as much space and can no longer afford it. "In the '80s and' 90s, it was estimated that approximately 60 square feet of space was allocated to an office worker in insurance companies. However, it is expected that the acreage will decrease again to 36 square feet per employee by 2020.

"It is expected that the acreage will further decrease to

36 square feet per employee by 2020."

The ISSADESIGN team strives to balance the needs of users with the size of the project to create brand-friendly environments that are comfortable and efficient. For example, ISSADESIGN recently participated in the design concept for Belairdirect's Ottawa offices. This change has allowed the company to better exploit its workspaces. The firm occupies the same amount of square footage as it originally owned and yet has more employees. He comes to wonder how can we maximize the square foot.


Provide more than one type of conference room, if space allows of course, but also, several spaces for relaxation with the installation of lounge, but also areas of "brainstorm". These spaces do not need to be bulky and can easily be scattered in space. It is also interesting to install areas dedicated to concentration and privacy with small telephone rooms. These alternatives make it possible to share square feet between employees while offering a great diversity of working environment, atmosphere and posture. This variety allows the employee to find a workspace that will meet the specific needs of the moment.

In the Belair-Ottawa project, we provided employees with a variety of meeting rooms, informal meeting/relaxation areas and a large cafeteria with lounge area to provide clean and inviting work options. to their needs.


In order to make the investment more profitable, it becomes relevant to join two or more functions in one space to make them versatile. The lounge area with armchairs and coffee tables can be used as a relaxation area during breaks, but also as a meeting place for team exchanges of ideas. The employee dining room can be useful for 5-7 with customers or business partners. Some firms even use this space for informal meetings. This allows to exploit the place at any time of the day. In addition to this, the dining room, well-appointed, allows you to mix voluntarily residential and professional living spaces within the office and thus to diversify the work environment.

For example, to meet the needs of brainstorming spaces of the employees of the company, we exploited the walls of the common corridors too often under exploited. These supermarkets are profitable by the sharing of information, but especially by the creative teamwork. In addition to this, their location allows to offer a variety of posture throughout the day. The lounges

Obviously, the optimization of a space is much more complex, but these few tips will allow you to optimize your square foot and start your project on the right foot. Do not hesitate to call our team of experts who has many other tips and ideas to make your development project, commercial or corporate a success!


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