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I have always been interested in the importance of branding in the marketing process. Moreover, before finding my passion for interior design, I did studies in communication with advertising and promotion courses. Inter-connected with the company, branding is essential for its success. For people to trust a product or service, they need to be able to feel what the organization really is. And therefore, what expresses his values.

64 percent of consumers say that shared values help them

create a trusted relationship with a brand - Forbes


The branding is done yes in various social media and marketing but must also be transmitted through the physical place of the company. It is important to reflect an image in accordance with its values ​​both in digital platforms and in the design of offices or sales areas. "To see is to believe it! As mentioned by the executive director of Indeed Canada in her text on the importance of reflecting one's corporate values ​​in the workplace.


At ISSADESIGN, we believe that the involvement of designer work is done on several levels in the development of a new space. When we enter the ideation phase, company values ​​are one of the first things we analyze. We put forward our creativity to highlight those that correspond to it. I was impressed by the impact that we can have in the transmission of the image of our customers by the layout of their space, whether commercial or corporate. So much so that customers trust the company or the employees commit to it, our choices in a project are reflected and guided by the foundations of each organization.


We were recently commissioned to work with a company's graphic design team to create their customer journey and an innovative space dedicated to receiving them. One of the core values ​​of this organization is the importance of the customer in each product they develop according to their specific needs, it was self-evident to give them a special space to receive them. As soon as they enter the customer zone, users will be enveloped in the new universe of the company. The transmission of "branding" will be felt from the lounge where the customer journey begins. The coloring is also integrated in various architectural elements. For example, a huge suspension in shades of the new image designed with the materials manufactured by it will crown the lounge area. Regarding the customer journey, we have planned the integration of colored vinyls on the floor, offering a playful and original signage in their image.

Color improve brand recognition by up to 80 percent - Forbes

Technological advancement values ​​will be reflected in a sleek design in architecture but punctuated by vibrant, youthful and dynamic colors like their new logo. State-of-the-art recording screens will be used for the arrival record. We also integrated conference tables to create multimedia areas for visual presentation of products. As for the lounge areas, we have proposed furniture with original shapes, to plan the space in a way that stands out. ISSADESIGN has opted for materials that give character to the space, we have also proposed fabrics with textures and colors exploded. Everything to bring a unique customer experience while enhancing the values ​​and expertise of the company.

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