Project conceptor at ISSADESIGN

In this beautiful season that summer, my colleague Roxane and I regularly run on our dinner hour on the edge of the Lachine Canal. Without necessarily realizing it, we realized that this active moment of the day favors our well-being and our concentration at work.

It is precisely these small moments that make me feel good that I wanted to talk to you about the importance of the concept of "active design" as an integral part of our everyday work environment.

"Drawing our environments to be able to move by the active design is one of the recommended

solutions to increase the rate of daily physical activity."

-Amélie Castaing, urban planner

In connection with this concept, here are 3 essential steps to the application of active design that will be supported by the design of the new Evolution Wellness Center, a yoga center located in Verdun.

VISUALIZE: the work on yourself

The environment around us has a significant impact on our well-being, both physical and psychological. In order for our body to be able to move easily and actively in a space on a daily basis, it must feel comfortable and find it attractive. Aesthetics and perception play a big role in an environment where we want the user to move in a natural way; this is the first step to take.

At the Evolution Wellness center, we have developed a refined materialization. Black and white predominate to create a space at once relaxing and soothing where an infinite possibility of creation. The addition of wood to the space brings warmth to the space and allows the user to feel at ease and comfortable.

Luminaries aligned and centered in traffic spaces create a rhythm that is similar to that of our breathing and the gait of our body, which allows to naturally visualize the interaction with our environment.

OPTIMIZE: the path to the goal

When the user feels comfortable in his space, the next step is to work on the positioning of the areas.

"The human body is made for the muscles to contract. It needs to be constantly solicited to function optimally."

It is therefore appropriate to create an environment with several circulations between the zones so that the users become more active. This tactic also helps to promote the sharing of fortuitous encounters; it brings people to the goal by creating a planning centered on its movement in space.

The conference room at the center of this project is completely glazed, which allows for a sharing core, visible from all angles, acting as focal point and where everything revolves around.

This path in space is illustrated as being also the path to be taken to reach our goal: well-being, which translates into the yoga room.

ACCOMPLISH: The personal outcome

This concept of active design is essential to create a space where people who spend most of their time will be able to do it and feel good about it. Meeting the needs of the occupants of a space can help to think about the frequency of their movements. This is how you will be able to create a functional and nomadic path.

Being active in your work environment allows you to keep focus and achieve a certain serenity to reduce the heaviness of everyday life. There is nothing more beneficial than giving our mind the time and space required to complete physical activity and relaxation.

The yoga room represents everyone's personal accomplishment; Clean and bathed in natural light, this room allows you to relax and get to take a moment dedicated to yourself.

Here is a summary of the steps in active design as applied in a design project of the Evolution Wellness Center:

Feeling comfortable in the first place in an aesthetic and serene space (visualize), then to be activated in a course that promotes sharing and nomadism (optimize) to finally reach the ultimate goal of taking time to self and for his well-being.