Project Conceptor at ISSADESIGN

During the holidays, I had the chance to visit my parents in the beautiful region of Charlevoix. While admiring from the window the winter landscape, the desire to write my 2019 resolutions came to mind!

As my job as project designer at ISSADESIGN strives mainly to improve that of others; I wanted to make us happy. It is therefore with the aim of improving our working environments that I have listed the 2019 design resolutions.

Happy employees are 12% more productive

University of Warwick;

At ISSADESIGN, the well-being of the occupants of a space is at the heart of our concerns. Our approach puts people at the center of the environment with a focus on lifestyle and workspace.

92% of workers say their environment has an impact on their efficiency.

_Observatoire Actiono, the quality of life in the office;


Nomadism in the space offers its users the opportunity to move between the different work areas such as the workstation, the lounge, the cafeteria, etc. As designers, we create accommodations that promote travel according to the tasks to be performed. This movement strategy allows, among other things, to be more productive while oxygenating the brain.

The nomadic work environment is more responsive to the needs of the workers as each developed area is adapted to the different types of distinct activities: encounter, concentration, break, brainstorm, etc.


Biophilia is a design concept that uses nature to focus its positive effects on the well-being of individuals. The literal or abstract integration of nature in our development stimulates our senses and increases our concentration. According to a study published in an article by Human Nature, "Biophilia in the workplace increases the feeling of well-being by 15%, productivity by 6% and creativity by 15%".

Treat yourself to plants in 2019! The contribution of natural elements such as wood, greenery, light, etc. is a simple way to tone up your workspaces.

In a less figurative way; the integration of more abstract, unpredictable and random materials that are inspired by movements, variations and rustling offers space as much benefit as the concrete integration of nature into the layout.


To maximize the quality of life in everyday life, I propose workspaces that reduce the adoption of restrictive postures. The ergonomic design is sensitive to the physical needs of humans and serves to guide the good postures that may involve some discomfort.

Adapt the height of a workstation, calculate the positioning between certain items such as the computer screen, the phone or the printer are some solutions to prioritize ergonomics and thus improve our well-being and our productivity in the office.

ISSADESIGN is working on the development project of the Evolution Wellness Center which, with the help of our design services, integrates our three resolutions 2019! The proposed layout enhances not only everyday employees, but also that of their clients.

NOMADISM: Each space corresponds to a different activity; classroom, conference, consultation, gym, concentration. Moving between these areas allows users to move to enjoy the benefits of more active work; nomadic.

BIOPHILIA: Nature is integrated into space by adding wood as the main material. Also, the yoga class room is surrounded by full height windows letting in natural light. This design creates a visual link with nature to increase positivism for all!

ERGONOMICS: We proposed a lot of storage in the space to minimize the visual clutter and increase the ease of users in their movement. These storage units are also thought out so as to make the user comfortable when they use them.




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