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​​The goal of our agency is to inspire, sensitize and guide each organization in search of interior design solutions, whether it be corporative, commercial or institutional.


Design and develop projects in symbiosis with the environment of our customers by integrating their universe.


Integrate the customer into the heart of the process and the project. Collaboration, coordination and monitoring are the foundations of our approach.

Contribute to any organization considering and integrating design as a lever for growth, added value and a guarantee of success.

Create designs to enjoy everyday a fonctionnal, aesthetic and sustainable place.




Projects manager at  ISSADESIGN

"It is during a sunny autumn day at the Cataraqui estate in Quebec City that the bright orange and red leaves reveal the view of the river. It’s this view that made the wedding I was invited to last week so perfect and unique. Without the sound of the creaking old wooden slats, the antique chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the great hall and the details of the architecture dating back to 1831; we would not have kept the same memories and would not have developed the same emotions during the event."